Timber Philippines, Wood & Lumber Supply in Makati

Filtra Timber is the wood division of Philippine and Scandinavian Design, Filtra Inc. and is a Philippine-based company owned by a Danish national. Filtra Timber’s head office is located in the heart of the Makati business district which is easily accessible to customers. There is a showroom available that interested clients can visit and view the wood species that the company carries. Timber supply stocks are stored in the warehouse located in San Mateo, Rizal. The warehouse carries readily available wood species such as Oak, Acacia, and Mahogany, etc.

Filtra Timber is the first FSC-certified timber trading company in the Philippines that supplies sustainable wood products from various countries around the world. Only FSC-certified wood species are declared FSC-certified. FSC promotes responsible forest management worldwide. Filtra Timber is also part of the Go Green Foundation which is an environment program to revitalize the Philippine ecosystem. The first phase of the program is focused on forest management or reforestation. Currently, they are rebuilding forests around the Philippines to ensure that the lands and mountains are not left barren.

Filtra Timber caters to a large number of customers and two of the main businesses of the company are timber import and timber export. The company not only imports wood species that are not available in the Philippines from several countries around the world but also does timber export of wood species that are indigenous to the Philippines.